10 Easy To Embrace Makeup Trends in 2019

Sophie Turner wears a white top and dramatic makeup as she poses for a picture.

The Zoe Report sat down with celebrity MUA, Kristofer Buckle to get 10 easy-to-embrace makeup trends for 2019. 

“The looks on the runways are very diverse, and ultimately being that we're in a time of individual expression and empowerment, they'll all be seen in one manifestation or another on the streets" says KB. 

1. Glass Gloss

"Every time there's an extreme trend such as super-matte lips, the pendulum swings in the polar opposite direction. So now, glossy lips are back and the trend will stay — because it will take a while for everyone's lips to rehydrate after the dry, chalky lip trend that we've endured" Kristofer explains. 

Girl takes selfie in shadowy light with glam makeup

2. Soft Contour 

Kristofer notes, "People tend to abuse fun, new techniques, so we end up having people walking around over-highlighted and looking like the Tin Man — or, their contour looks like they're in the production of Cats. These are useful illusions, but we will see them being used with more subtlety because it isn't magic if you can see the trick."

Model takes picture with blue shirt, gold hoop earrings and soft makeup

Kristofer's Exposure Matte Warming Power was formulated to create the perfect, soft contour. The best tool to use for contouring is the KB Contour Brush

3. Dewdrop Highlight 

It’s never too late for a 2019 glow up! KB says glowy-highlighter is the best way to make your look stand out-- try Kristofer's Light Enhancing Duo, which combines a creme and powder formula for optimal results. 

Emily Ratajkowski wears dewy highlighter and red lips

4. Shimmer, Not Glitter

Glitter is fun, but KB warns it can be overwhelming. Instead, Kristofer likes to use a light shimmer to make his client's looks pop- for a subtle glitter moment check out the KB Premiere Palette. 

Kristofer Buckle Premier Palette

5. Blotted Velvet Lips

Smooth "blotted velvet" lipstick texture is a trend Buckle predicts will dominate the everyday makeup scene in 2019.

If you want to create this look sans-tissues, try KB's combo of the KB Satin Pout Dual Ended Full Pigment Lipstick and Lip Pencil

Elsa Hosk takes a picture with glam makeup on

6. Invisible Brows

Full bushy brows are still having a moment, but if you're getting bored of this trend, KB says it's okay to move on. To play with brow fullness, texture and width, try KB's Full. Set. Define brow pencils.  

Kristofer Buckle Eyebrow Pencils Full Set Define

7. Flushed Blush

Kristofer is all about rosy cheeks right now. He tells The Zoe Report, "I personally think it's time for Blush to be embraced. It's very often underused, [but offers] an easy way to add color and 'mood' to the face."

In Japan, he says, shades from pink to orange are worn high up on their cheeks and under the eyes for a cool, doll-face effect. 

Girl with hair bun wears a white top and lots of blush for a picture

8. Unconventional Eyeliner

Kristofer explains to The Zoe Report that Black liners and pigment are expected to take a temporary backseat to brown and deep metallic hues.

KB hack: Throw on Satin Pout lipliner as eyeliner, it will give a unique and dramatic pop of color to your eye. 


9. Revamped Red Lips

Kristofer says he's living for the red lip revamp!

“You can absolutely never go wrong flaunting a bright red lip; however, deeper shades of wine and earthy reds are becoming classics all on their own.”

Check out KB's go-to shade, Cashmere Slip in Obsessed

Girl with curly hair wears  Red Lips

10. Playful Eyes

Bright colored eyes are trending in 2019. Get this look by using Cashmere Slip lipstick as eyeshadow!

Model gets eye makeup done by Kristofer Buckle

Photo Credits: @TheZoeReport @revolvebeauty