Make Your Foundation Last All Day

Close of Brunette Model wearing light, glowy makeup for a flawless face finish

Byride rounded up best practices for preventing foundation melt-down, featuring Kristofer Buckle’s Casting Call Finishing Powder

Vanessa Hudgens with slicked hair and flawless makeup

As Beauty writer Erin Jahns put it, “There's nothing that bothers us more than slip-and-slide foundation. You know, when your foundation application has already gone rogue come 10 a.m., making a wayward decision to head everywhere but your face? We know we're not alone.” To find solutions, Byrdie took to reddit and asked users what products give them a lasting flawless-face finish. 

Model with long, brown curly hair wearing glowy makeup

A Redit-Approved Tip: Try Kristofer Buckle’s Casting Call Finishing Powder for a shine-free, all-day stay. Reditor @tiredandwantsanap stated, “I dust a little translucent powder on my face before foundation. It helps the foundation go on smoother, and it extends the wear time." 


Kristofer Buckle's Casting Call setting powder

Kristofer’s Casting Call Powder was designed to increase the longevity of flawless, matte makeup. Buckle recommends carrying the powder with you and using it to touch-up your makeup a few times throughout the day, to keep shine at bay. 


photo credits: @kosascosmetics, @glossier, @venessahudgins