Blake Lively's Met Gala Makeup

Blake Lively walks red-carpet at met gala in a gold and red dress with gold crown

Big World News interviewed celebrity makeup artist, Kristofer Buckle, to uncover how he created Blake Lively’s gorgeous Met Gala makeup. 

Blake Lively has glam makeup and gold crown at met gala red carpet

There’s no arguing that Blake looked flawless at the Met Gala. Her stunning Versace gown and gold headpiece topped countless best dressed lists- and for good reason. 

Blake Lively walks red carpet wearing red and gold dress and gold crown

“Blake’s look tonight was inspired by Italian religious paintings, so we wanted to create a very structured look with strong bone contouring like the statues of Saints I’ve seen” Said Kristofer. 

Blake Lively walks red-carpet at met gala in red and gold dress

Kristofer utilized his namesake makeup like, Kristofer Buckle Beauty to create Blake's Met Gala Master Piece. 

The back of blake lively's hair with a gold crown in it for the met gala

To achieve this strong bone contouring, Kristofer used the KB Undercover Concealer, Exposure Matte Warming Powder and the Light Enhancing Duo.

Kristofer Buckle Undercover Concealer

Kristofer Buckle Warming Powder

Kristofer Buckle Light Enhancing Duo

Photo Credits: @bigworldnews Getty Images