HelloGiggle Makeover With Beauty Editor Marie Lodi Andreakos

Marie Lodi Andreakos and Kristofer Buckle take a selfie after Kristofer completes his makeup makeover for Marie

Kristofer Buckle does an Instagram story takeover for HelloGiggles!

Marie Lodi Andreakos, the Beauty Editor at HelloGiggle gets a full makeup makeover from Kristofer. KB gave Marie 5 simple tips so anyone can recreate the look!

Marie Lodi Andreakos wears a long dress and stands in the HelloGiggle office

Tip #1

Start by putting concealer on your eyelids-- It creates the perfect surface for eyeshadow. KB's Undiscovered concealer is expertly-formulated and long-wear, so there's no need for primer.  

Kristofer Buckle Undercover Concealer

Tip #2

Instead of rubbing your eyes (causing wrinkles), tap concealer into your skin with the tip of your middle finger. According to KB, your middle finger is the weakest, so it will be the most gentle on sensitive eye skin.

Marie Lodi Andreakos wears a long red dress and green hair.

Tip #3

Hide hyper-pigmentation with a peachy highlighter. The Light Enhancing Duo goes well with all skin tones. 

Kristofer Buckle Light Enhancing Duo

Tip #4

Make sure your contour is the right color for your skin. KB warns to avoid too-warm tones, joking "Or else you’ll look like a bad batch of mustard!”

Kristofer likes to use a darker shade of foundation to contour. His pick: The Triplicity Perfecting Foundation because its buildable, and will layer well over your foundation. 

Kristofer Buckle Triplicity Foundation

Tip #5

Use a touch of highlighter, then buff it out so it appears flat and reflective.

Kristofer's go-to is his Light Enhancing Duo. He let Marie know it was originally made for Christina Aguilera in Burlesque!

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Photo Credits: @hellogiggle @marielodiandreakos