How Blake Lively, Lucy Liu and More Found Their Signature Beauty Look

How Blake Lively, Lucy Liu and More Found Their Signature Beauty Look

E News breaks down A-List celebrities signature looks with the man behind them all, Kristofer Buckle

When deciding what makeup look works best for you Kristofer explains, “There's a feature that you love about yourself or other people love about you and they make it known and compliment you about it—that's the place to start.” 

Kristofer’s tactic for his celebrity clients is recognizing and embracing their best features.

Lucy Liu

When Kristofer does Lucy Liu’s makeup he says he loves to work with her gorgeous Chinese heritage features. He magnifies the stunning slant of her eyes by using the Graphic Line Gel Eyeliner. He also emphasizes her cheekbones by using the Light Enhancing Duo Highlighter. Kristofer never forgets to add to Lucy’s eye look by using Brow Champion to create a fuller brow. 

Lucy Liu smiling and looking to the side in black lace top


Blake Lively

Blake is our forever effortless-beauty inspo; when KB does her makeup, he's all about enhancing her best features. 

“Blake has more of a hooded eye, and she likes when her eyes and bone structure are played up.” Kristofer adds dimension in Blake’s makeup look by using the Exposure Warming Powder. 

 Blake Lively in a glam gold dress on the red carpet

Erika Jayne

When is comes to Erika, Kristofer says, “With Erika, I do play up her eyebrows a lot because her eyes are so gorgeous. She has wide-set eyes so I want to balance that with placement so it brings things in a little more. She has a lot of real estate on her cheeks so I make sure to bring her eyes down; I make her eyes really big and, of course, lashes. She's not afraid of the glam."

For Erika’s brows Kristofer uses Fill. Set. Define. and for her lashes he uses his Grand Opening Volumizing Mascara

Erika Jayne Looking in a mirror in full glam wearing a royal blue formal dress