The Red Lipstick for Any Occasion

The Red Lipstick for Any Occasion

E News covered the release of Kristofer Buckle's new shade of Cashmere Slip Lipstick

Kristofer Buckle’s Shade, Disco, according to E News is a “bright hue between coral and apple red that’s going to make you want to do the hustle all night long!" 

Busy Phillips wears a red shirt and red lips and Michelle Williams wears a button up black and white shirt as they take a selfie

KB Hack: You can use this shade to double as a pop of color on your eyelid! & If you’re looking for even more color, you can dab some on your cheeks for a nice rouge finish. 

Madonna wears red lipstick and looks in mirror as she gets her hair curled

A little bit of lipstick can go a long way!

Photo Credits: @ENews @SofiaRichie @Madonna @busyphillips