Mariah Carey's Makeup Artist Gives Tips On Looking Flawless Everyday

Mariah Carey's Makeup Artist Gives Tips On Looking Flawless Everyday

Kristofer Buckle sat down with Hello Giggles to provide 7 tips on achieving a flawless, long-lasting face of makeup. 

The makeup artist is known for his star studded celebrity client list including Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, and Blake Lively- to name a few. If you’re wondering how to achieve the red-carpet worthy looks KB is famous for, follow these 7 tips: 

Kristofer Buckle and Jenna Dewan take a selfie together


1. Use Concealer as an Eye Shadow Primer 

“Something people don’t think about is using concealer on the eyelid. There a lot of pink, blue and grey tones, so if you conceal that, your eyeshadows will show truer.” Buckle explains, “it creates the perfect surface for your eyeshadow.”

Blue eye with light eyeshadow

2. Stay out of the Sun 

If you’ve indulged in one-too-many beach days, try a peach-toned concealer to hide hyper-pigmentation from sun damage. Kristofer notes peach tones, “will work better than using a shade that’s not going to neutralize the color that you’re covering.” 

Of course- when possible, KB urges his clients to steer clear of too-much sun exposure, and adopt a good sunscreen regimen.  

Brunette Girl up-close of face wearing bronzer and natural makeup

3. Don’t Mess Up the Contour 

KB is all about color and location. Know where you’re going and do your makeup accordingly, Kristofer says, “If you’re gona be in daylight, you wana make sure you’re subtle about it.” 

Secondly, if you choose the wrong color, it could end… badly. “You wanna make sure that it’s not too warm. Otherwise it ends up being like mustard face. You don’t want to look like you got into a batch of bad mustard.” 

Try Kristofer's Exposure Warming Powder for a perfectly-toned glow. 

Brunette girl with curly hair and pink earnings wearing glowy makeup

4. Steer clear of swiping 

KB encourages clients to press in their concealer, rather than swiping it on. “It’s better to just tap so it doesn't wipe any makeup off.” 

5. Use Setting Spray for a Longer Lasting Look

Set your makeup for longevity and to avoid possible creasing. 

Kristofer says, “The warmth of your skin starts making your makeup collect in the hinges of your face, so by removing all that excess moisture out of the makeup or the oils, it locks into place.” 

KB also reminded the media outlet to always remember to set eyeshadow. Try Buckle's Power Lock Setting Spray for an optimized stay. 


Black Spray bottle containing Kristofer Buckles power lock setting spray

6. Don’t overdo the highlighter 

“A small amount works, you just have to buff it so it appears flat to the skin and then becomes more reflective,”says Buckle. “If you keep packing it on, you end up looking like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz. Buffing it is really what it’s all about, not reapplying.”

Try Kristofer's Light Enhancing Duo, which he formulated for the perfect, lasting glow. 

Blonde girl with minimal makeup looking over right shoulder

7. Always Remember the Blush 

Buckle Says blush is a tool that’s typically underused. Saying that if his clients aren’t going to do anything else, “do some mascara, some lip gloss, and some blush.” Explaining, “It makes your eyes look brighter, and it makes your teeth look whiter.”

photos via @taniellejaimua // @revolvebeauty