The Perfect Foundation Routine for Covering Up Facial Redness

Red haired girl is photographed a natural makeup look and a glossy lip.

Allure’s Digital Beauty Editor, Kaleigh Fasanella, shows us how to use Kristofer Buckle’s bronzer to reduce her facial redness.

If you don't have rosacea like Kaleigh, but still want to smooth your overall complexion, there are simple makeup tricks you can implement to feel even and confident. 

Start with the Right Foundation 

You should begin with a foundation that is the right color for you. Having a color that’s too-light will allow redness to shine through, and a color that’s too-dark will throw off your whole complexion. 

Rosie HW wears sunglasses and a blazer with beautiful facial makeup.

The Perfect Makeup Coverage

The KB Triplicity Perfecting Foundation Stick is lightweight and designed to be buildable depending on the coverage you desire.

If one coat isn’t the coverage you were looking for, you can an additional layer without it appearing cakey. 

Kristofer Buckle Triplicity Foundation Stick

Warming Up Your Makeup

After applying foundation, you can take an extra step that will take your look to the next level. 

Kayleigh suggests sweeping some bronzer on in order to add some dimension back into your face. She uses the KB Exposure Matte Warming Powder, noting that she'll rarely skip this step because, "it makes a huge difference."  

Kristofer Buckle Exposure Matte Warming Powder


Photo Credits: @allure @rosiehw @fentybeauty