How to Prevent Makeup Meltdowns in Muggy Summer Weather

Blonde makeup model with blue eyes wearing pink lipstick

Kristofer Buckle, make-up artist to the stars, sat down with The Fashion Spot to discuss best-practices for preventing makeup meltdowns.

While no one likes strutting down the street with melted foundation or runny eyeliner, re-applying multiple times a day can be arduous.

To insure our makeup stays looking fresh and flawless-- no matter the temperature- we’re taking notes on Kristofer’s heat-proof makeup must-haves and application methods. 

Powder that lasts longer 

When it comes to muggy weather, maintaining the appearance of fresh-faced foundation is no easy feat. KB recommends a pigment free loose powder, like his favorite Casting Call, to maintain a shine-free look all day. 

Tip: use foundation & setting spray

Although waterproof formulas and primers seem fitting for the heat, KB cautions that they can appear thick on the skin. Instead, KB uses his Triplicity Foundation, which is formulated with a built in primer for optimized coverage and longevity. The makeup-expert finishes all of his clients’ looks with Power Lock Makup Setting Spray, for maximum durability. 

According to Kristofer, “Between moisturizer, sunblock and foundation, there is already a lot of products on the face and one of the first tricks to long-lasting makeup is to keep it at ‘just enough.’ You want to keep flaws hidden without using more than you need to — otherwise your makeup will start to look cakey throughout the day.”

Skin care matters for hot weather

Like makeup routines, skincare should adjust during the summer months.

KB’s pro tip: stay away from oily formulas and heavier cremes. These products will increase the appearance of shine and grease. Instead, go for a lightweight, oil-free SPF moisturizer.  

How to be shine-free all-day, everyday 

Although the right products will help your makeup become more resilient to heat waves, let’s face it- shine happens.

To combat this, Kristofer recommends reapplying his Casting Call powder a couple times through the day and using blotting papers when skin appears too-oily.