Instagram Generation Creates Rise in Makeup Sales with Selfies

Millie Bobby Brown takes a mirror selfie wearing purple sunglasses and an orange shirt.

Toronto Sun sat down with Kristofer Buckle to talk about the boom in makeup sales because of 'the instagram generation' and their love for  selfies.  

Influencers have taken social media platforms by storm and created viral trends such as statement brows, dewy-faced glows, glittery eyes and more; encouraging the masses to snap a corresponding selfie. 

Kristofer Buckle, celebrity makeup artist with a substantial social following has created his own namesake makeup line, and utilized his social channels to share it with his followers. 

Kiernan Shipka takes a mirror selfie while wearing a white top and glam makeuo

According to Kristofer, this the selfie phenomena isn't a bad thing. KB states, “The selfie is just evidence of our self-awareness. People are more conscious of what they look like and what they may want to improve.” 

The Toronto sun explains that KB and other makeup brands have seen a rise in sales that corresponds with the influencer-driven social trends. 

“His eyebrow products, such as his Brow Champion, have seen a steady increase as more and more people engage in the ‘Brow Centric’ trend trending on social media, says Buckle. Another growing market is full coverage foundation, he says, like his Triplicity Perfecting Foundation.”

Kristofer Buckle Brow Champion

Rather than selfie-shaming, KB says snapping a pic of your makeup should be seen as empowering.

Although KB says perfection is the enemy of beauty, he still loves to put his best food forward on social media. 

“So many people are searching for something they already have. When it comes to any photo it all comes down to the light: frontal with no shadows is always the most flattering – and if that doesn’t work, use filters” jokes Kristofer. 

Kendall and Kylie Jenner take a picture with glam makeup while they both wear white tank tops.

No matter what, feeling confident in yourself and your style is the most important- so snap a selfie and embrace your place in the 'instagram generation.'

Photo Credits: @milliebobbybrown @kiernanshipka @kendalljenner