Maria Beltre's (@looseunicorns) Makeup Bag Must-Haves

Maria Beltre takes a picture in a car wearing a cream colored sweater and teal pants.

Brooklyn based influencer Maria Beltre (@looseunicorns) teaches us how to use her favorite Kristofer Buckle Products

Maria took part in Kristofer’s “Be Anything” campaign, and gave us an empowering answer to Kristofer’s mantra-turned-question, “why be beautiful when you can be ____?” 

"Why be beautiful when you can be confident. To me, playing around with makeup is all about finding my inner confidence." 

Maria's Kristofer Buckle Favorite: A Trick or Two’ Mascara & Eyeliner duo.

“If you mess up your eyeliner, this duo has a correcting side to clean up the line, which is amazing and I use it all the time” explained Maria. 

Although this beauty blogger typically has lash extensions, she noted that she likes to use Kristofer's Grand Opening mascara to add volume between fills.

Maria Beltre takes a picture in the mirror using her iphone with glam makeup on.

More of Maria’s Kristofer Buckle Lineup: 


Maria's picks include Cashmere Slip Duo in Tender and Kissed, Brow Champion, A Trick or Two Dual Ended Eyeliner and Mascara Duo, and the Power Lock Setting Spray

Pro Tip: Maria used KB's Cashmere Slip Duo to achieve a full, multi-dimensional pout by applying Tender (the darker shade), and layering Kissed (the lighter shade) in the center of her lips. 

Maria Beltre takes a web cam picture with glam makeup and a black top.
Maria is a fashion, lifestyle and beauty influencer known by her 257,000+ instagram followers for her confidence and  trend-setting tendencies. Maria’s unapologetically bold style is an inspiration to all modern beauty lovers- and we're no exception!
You can check out more of Maria's chic style & empowering messages on her tumblr and vlog
Photo Credits: @looseunicorns