4 Products to Transition your Makeup Bag from Summer to Fall

 Gigi Hadid takes a picture wearing a tube top, gold necklaces, and glam makeup.

It’s that time of year again! Summer is on its way out, and Fall is rolling in- which means it's time to prep your makeup bag for the seasonal change. 

We've rounded up our four go-to Kristofer Buckle products to make your sweater-weather transition smoother.

1. Embrace Lipstick 

Swap out your summer gloss for a statement lipstick! The Cashmere Slip Duo is the perfect longwear lipstick to have in your fall makeup bag.

The rich, highly pigmented colors make a bolder statement than your shimmery-summer glosses.

Model takes picture with bright makeup and black tube top.

2. Bolden Your Brow 

As the weather changes and your hair gets darker, so should your brows.

KB suggests going a shade darker in Brow Champion, for a cohesive bold-browed fall look. 

Cara Delevinge is candidly photographed through a tree of white flowers as she wears sunglasses and a white top.

3. All About Bronzer

Tans are fading, but your glowy complexion doesn't have to! 

Maintain your warmth and add dimension to your bone structure with Exposure Warming Powder

Shay Michelle wears a towel with glam makeup, blown out hair, and big earrings.

4. Don't Skip the Highlighter 

You shouldn’t have to lose your natural glow in the winter. To compensate for the lack of summer sunshine, add a little Light Enhancing Duo to your fall look for a year-round shine. 

J-Lo takes a car selfie wearing a yellow gown and glam makeup.

If you want to give your makeup bag a total refresh, check out KB's Vanity Collection!

Photo Credits: @caradelevinge @shaymitchell @jlo @gigihadid @revolvebeauty