A Guide to Creating Flawless Makeup Based on Your Eye Color

Kristofer Buckle Premiere Palette

You're unique, and so is your eye color. We believe It's important to highlight your features in the best way, so check out the KB staff's guide to makeup for every eye color! 

Light to Medium Brown Eyes 

Van Morrison was singing about you, brown eyed girl! Brown eyes are easily paired with any color, but if you want to make them pop, try adding navy blues to your glam lineup.  

If you're looking to make a bold statement-- cover your lids in a smoky navy shadow. If you're more of a subtle-makeup lover, try applying a midnight blue eyeliner in your water line. Either way, you're guaranteed to look stunning. 

Kristofer Buckle takes a selfie with Kacey Musgrave.

Deep Brown Eyes 

Work with the depth of your eye color! With deep brown eyes comes the advantage of easily creating a dramatic and chic look. A simple winged liner is a a clean, gorgeous way to make your eyes pop.  

Kristofer Buckle takes a selfie with Lucy Liu

Hazel Eyes 

Hazel eyes have more dimension due to their green-brown-blue color combination- because of that, the lucky few Hazel-eyed beauties can make the makeup world their oyster! 

Try light taupe shades, or utilize any complementary color shades in found your eyes! 

Kristofer Buckle takes a selfie with Halston Sage

Blue Eyes 

Kristofer is a baby-blue eye color expert, since he himself has stunning blue eyes! Although blue eyes pop naturally, the best shadow shades to complement them with are bronzey-browns and golds. Since a lot of blue-eyed babes have lighter lashes, KB says not to be afraid to layer on the mascara, so lashes appear darker. 

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Green Eyes 

If you've got green eyes, you're a rarity! Only 2% of the population's eyes are green (and we may or may not be green with envy).

If you want to enhance your eyes' natural tones, plumb-toned eyeshadows are truly your best friend. Since purple and green are opposite on the color wheel, the purple will make your eyes look greener than ever. 

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P.s. The Kristofer Buckle Premiere Palette is complete with 9 gorgeous shades with options for all eye colors! 

Photo Credits: @kristoferbuckle