Four Ways to Use the Full Disclosure Scalp Cover

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Meet Full Disclosure, the secret weapon Kristofer Buckle uses on both his male and female celebrity clients. 

The scalp cover duo features both a cream and powder formulated to make your hairline, beard, or patchy-hair spots appear fuller. Check out some of the best ways to utilize it below! 


Since No-Shave-November is finally here, it's time to get serious about beards! Growing a beard is a marathon not a sprint. During that marathon, you might need a little assistance in the first few weeks of growth. By using the scalp cover, you can fill the patchier areas of your beard and give it an all around fuller and more consistent look. 

Also, instead of dying your beard and having it look unnatural, you can add in a little scalp cover to hide any premature greying! 

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Bald Spots

If your hair is starting to thin a bit, don't jump the gun and start rug shopping... you've got time, trust us! The Scalp Cover can be used to mask patches of missing hair to create the illusion of a fuller head of hair. 

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Thinning Hair Lines 

Just because your hair line isn't as full as it used to be, it doesn't mean you need to stop throwing your hair back into a chic high ponytail. Refinery29 discussed how much of a god send Full Disclosure is for so many- even celebs! 

Chrissy Teigen swears by applying powder coverage in her hairline saying, "It's crucial. I do it every day [because] it makes me more put together, without being put together..." 

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Root Cover Up

Sometimes, you just can't get into the salon in time to get a root touch up and no judgement- we've totally been there (more often than we'd care to admit). In between your hair appointments, use the scalp cover to keep your roots looking fresh. No one has to know you're not a natural blonde. 

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Photo Credits: @GQ @chrissyteigen