A Guide to Perfecting the Cat-Eye (P.S. It's all in the Eraser)

Model, Lenny Nuness, takes a picture with cat-eye makeup wearing an animal print tank top and gold hoop earrings.

A cat eye is one of those rare, but beautiful things in life that never really goes out of style-- 1980 or 2019, summer or winter, graphic tee or gown- you can't go wrong with winged liner. However, you can go wrong when attempting to apply the perfect cat eye because, let's face it- it's hard.

Enter: Stunt Double EyelinerKristofer buckle's tried-and-true solution to correcting your line, without ruining the rest of your makeup (specifically, that smokey eye that took you a little longer than you'd care to admit). With that in mind, we've put together a step-by-step cat eye guide so you can FINALLY perfect the wing technique you've been working on since picking up liquid liner sophomore year. 

Step 1: Eyeshadow 

Muted browns, bronzey golds or fall pinks and plumbs, there’s no wrong choice when it comes to complimenting your liner. 

Our go-to Shadow: Kristofer Buckle's Premiere Palette. If you're looking to add dimension, use the darker tones on your top and bottom lash lines and in your crease; then top it off with a shimmery shade on your lids! 

Michelle Madsen takes a selfie with cat-eye makeup as she wears a white tank top.

Step 2: Eyeliner 

If you're looking to create a bold, clean cat eye, choose a precision liner. KB's Stunt Double Eyeliner is a carbon black, hyper-pigmented formula crafted for maximum impact.  

A close up picture of a model with Kristofer Buckle makeup.

Step 3 : Corrector 

Que our secret weapon: the corrector. Stunt Double is a dual ended liquid pen so you can line with one side, and fix your mistakes with the other, without affecting the rest of your makeup.  

A close up picture of a model with cat-eye makeup and bold lips done by Kristofer Buckle.

Step 4: Mascara

Top off your look with our go-to for high-impact lashes, KB's Grand Opening mascara. 

Pro Tip You can shop the a Trick or Two set which comes with both the dual ended eyeliner and mascara. 

A model with Kristofer Buckle makeup.

A close up picture of a model in Kristofer Buckle makeup.

Photo Credits: @kaitlynn.bell @lennynuness @michelletakeaim @kristoferbucklebeauty