A Guide to 'The Politician' Inspired Makeup Looks

A picture of the character Astrid from Netflix's The Politician wearing a pink sweater and holding a bouquet of flowers.

Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee, has done what he does best and produced another cult-favorite series, Netflix's The Politician. With Murphy's theatrical tendencies, he leaned a little more 'campy' than usual with this show, which has given us a great source of makeup inspiration. 

We've rounded up some of our favorite looks from The Politician so you can transform yourself into the high fashion, quirky, bright characters we fell in love with during season one! 


A Picture from Netflix's The Politician of the character Dusty.

Although the character Dusty on the show wasn't the most moral human, we still can't help but lust after Jessica Lange's ageless beauty. The large personality of Dusty was matched by her statement eye makeup.

To recreate her look, go heavy on the eyeshadow. Kristofer Buckle's Premiere Palette is highly pigmented and has versatile shades that blend seamlessly. 


A photograph of the character Astrid from Netflix's The Politician

Lucy Boynton is all the rage right now. From her lovable, leading lady role in Bohemian Rhapsody, to being a conniving and cold teenager in The Politician, she always looks utterly stunning. To achieve her timeless makeup look, go bold with your brows and lips. 

Kristofer Buckle's Brow Champion Enhancing Pomade and Powder will help you create fuller brows and give perfect dimension. As for lips, the Cashmere Slip will give you the classic Astrid pout (& will last up to 8 hours!)


A picture of the character Alice from Netflix's the Politician

Alice's preppy and clean look in The Politician is far from that of the actress herself, Julia Schlaepfer. For an Alice-approved look, less is more. Keep in minimal on the eye makeup, but don't forget the blush. 

Kristofer Buckle's Twinset Blush Duo is the product for you to get Alice's rosey look! 


A picture of the character Skye from Netflix's The Politician

Take a walk on the wild side. Rahne Jones, who plays Skye on The Politician, rocks an effortless and edgy makeup look. Heavy eyeliner and a confident attitude are all you need to channel Skye's badass character.  


A picture of the character Georgina from Netflix's The Politician

Gwyneth Paltrow is forever one of our beauty girl crushes, but on The Politician she serves us a slightly different look. The usual 'No-Makeup, Makeup Look' Gwyn is known for is a bit escalated on the show. To recreate it, volumize your lashes and throw on your favorite pink-toned lipstick. 

Photo Credits: @the_politician @netflix @Vox