Minimalist Makeup Hacks for the Perfect French Girl Glam

Jeanne Damas applies red lipstick while looking into a compact mirror
After decades of doing makeup for high-end French magazine covers (Vogue, Marie Claire, Allure-- you name it), Kristofer Buckle is a seasoned professional when it comes to chic-Parisian-makeup. 
Because French it-girl makeup is both beautiful and timeless, we've gathered our best-practices to help you recreate  Parisian-inspired it-girl looks

French Classic Actresses: Catherine Deneuve & Brigitte Bardot

Who wouldn’t want to look like Parisian bombshells, Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot?
When it comes to these trailblazing Parisian beauty icons, it’s all about the eyes. Having a lightly defined eyebrow and a well-lined eye isn't solely a 60s-era staple-- it's a timeless look (and its trending)! 
Our go-to staples for a defined brow and over-lined eye: KB's Brow Champion and A Trick or Two Dual Ended Eyeliner and Mascara Duo

A picture of Catherine Deneuve taken in the 1960s on a movie set.

A picture of Brigette Bardot wearing a red sweater and pigtails.

French Model: Thylane Blondeau 

18-year-old French model, Thylane Blondeau, was dubbed ‘The most beautiful girl in the world’ when she was only 4 years old- and is definitely one of our minimal makeup-inspos. 
Thylane's go to look: A brushed up brow, light brown eyeshadow and a nude lip. 
To recreate it, we reach for our minimal shades in the Premiere Palette, Brow Champion, and Cashmere Slip in doll
Model, Thylane Blondeau, takes a picture with minimal makeup and a white tank top on

French Fashion Designer: Jeanne Damas 

Founder of French fashion brand Rouje, Jeanne Damas, is the epitome of a French it-girl! Jeanne is rarely spotted without a classic rouge lip on-- c’est très chic! 
When channeling our inner Jeanne by grabbing Cashmere Slip in dare. It's our go-to red, and it lasts up to 8 hours! 
Jeanne Damas stands in front of a book stand in paris wearing a long red skirt and a cream sweater.

French Makeup Artists: Violette 

The famous makeup artist, Violette (loved on IG as @violette_fr) clearly knows a thing or two about the secrets behind French makeup looks. 
Her makeup masterpieces always seem to be complete with a smokey eye and a dewy-faced finish. To recreate Violette’s Parisian makeup looks, we suggest reaching for KB's Light Enhancing Duo and the Premiere Palette.
French Makeup artist, Violette, takes a selfie wearing glam makeup
Photo Credits: @blondie_june @jeannedamas @violette_fr @jeannedamas @thylaneblondeau @finisterresn