A Guide to Makeup by Hollywood's Teen It-Girls

Kiernan Shipka takes a picture with her hands up to the camera

While we believe age is but a number, it's something worth considering when doing your makeup-- because some looks are timeless, but others are best done in your youth, so take advantage of the moment! 

We rounded up some of our favorite teen it-girls for alllll the youthful beauty inspiration! 

Millie Bobby Brown

This 15-year-old British babe is our absolute favorite-- not only can the Stranger Thing's actress rap full verses of Nicki Minaj songs, but she also never ceases to amaze us with her makeup looks. 

Millie is a master of highlighting one feature at a time. She isn't afraid to throw on a bold red lip, but balances it out with a natural eye (and vice versa for a smokey-eye-look). Millie's constantly making statements with her makeup, without pushing it too hard.  

Millie Bobby Brown takes a picture in a white dress with red lipstick.

Millie Bobby Brown takes a picture in a black dress with dramatic makeup.

Storm Reid 

If you haven't binged HBO's Euphoria yet, you should stay in this weekend to catch up... we're not joking... it's that good! One of the million reason's why Euphoria is our current obsession is the phenomenal cast. Storm Reid, who plays Rue's younger sister Gia, is new on our beauty radar and we are obsessed. 

Euphoria is known for it's extravagant makeup looks (see our Euphoria Makeup Guide for more tips) and Gia's looks were always up to par! 

Storm Reid is photographed against a blue background wearing a coat and natural makeup.

Storm Reid is photographed on a red carpet with glam makeup and a pink dress

Iris Apatow 

Daughter of filmmaker Judd Apatow and actress Leslie Mann, Iris is an absolute stunner. We fell in love with Iris way back in the early 2000's with her small-quirky roles on her dad's films This is 40 and Knocked Up, but our love was rekindled when she recently acted in the Netflix series Love

Iris is a natural beauty, so she keeps her makeup looks fairly simple. You can catch her regularly rocking voluminous lashes, and statement lip

Iris Apatow takes a picture in natural sunlight with bold lipstick on

Iris Apatow takes a picture with her cat wearing a black hat and a white shirt

Kiernan Shipka 

Little Sally Drapper from Mad Men is all grown up! Now the star of Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Kiernan is known for her strong brow! If you're blessed with brows like Kiernan's, it doesn't take much to make them a facial focal point. 

Kristofer Buckle's Fill.Set.Define Brown Sculpting Duo is formulated to lightly enhance bold natural brows. If brows aren't your claim to fame, Brow Champion features both pomade and powder to add natural-looking dimension. 

Kiernan Shipka is photographed in a floral gown while she holds a bouquet of blue and pink hydrangeas.

Kiernan Shipka is photographed behind a banana leaf wearing red lipstick and a yellow jacket

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