How to Prevent Seasonal Breakouts: Skincare & Makeup Best Practices

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Nobody likes break outs- and as seasons change, you may find your skin struggling to adjust.

If you're anything like us- aka the type that prefers a flawless complexion no matter the temperature- it's important to tailor your skin regimen to the season. With that in mind, we've gathered some small-but-mighty tricks to help you adjust your skincare and makeup routines year round. 


It's finally fall! We're all about pumpkin spice latte's and sweater weather; but with fall comes wind and dry air. 

Windy weather is not only a nightmare for freshly blown-out hair, but it can also create problems for your skin. Because of the excess debris in the air, your pores are much more likely to be clogged with micro-dirt and breakout-causing bacteria. To combat this, it's important to wash your face thoroughly with a pore-friendly cleanser. We're big fans of this makeup melting cleanser  by Drunk Elephant. 

Unlike your fall wardrobe, you should avoid excess layers when it comes to makeup. If you're going out for the night, rather than touch up your foundation after a day of build-up, take it off and re-do it.

Headed somewhere after work in a time crunch? Kristofer Buckle's Triplicity Foundation Stick will be your fall makeup lifesaver because it an easy-to-apply, mess-free stick with a built-in primer!  

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Everyone loves a winter wonderland, but this season is arguably the toughest on your skin because, Cold Weather = Dry. Winter dryness can make your skin flake and crack, so it's of the upmost importance to step-up your moisture game to maintain a healthy complexion. 

Your lips are also prone to harsh winter weather. To avoid dry, cracked lips, choose lip colors that provide moisture, rather than matte formulas. Kristofer Buckle’s Cashmere Slip Longwear Lipstick is formulated with a longer, creamy formula that will keep your lips hydrated. 

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Fresh spring florals and warm weather are always a welcomed addition after a long winter- but you can’t have rainbows and blooms without a little rain.

If you ask us, there’s nothing worse than perfecting your makeup just to have it be ruined by April showers. To keep our faces sans melt-down, we set our makeup with Kristofer Buckle's Power Lock Makeup Setting SprayPower lock keeps  makeup looking fresh, regardless of the weather conditions!

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The heat-- can’t live with it, but definitely can’t live without it. Don't get us wrong, we love summer, but it can be our skin's biggest frenemy. 

Sunshine is important for skin's vitamin D absorption, but too much sun exposure can make you sweat, clog your pores and cause skin damage. To prevent over exposuredermatologist recommended limiting your direct sun-time to 20 minutes a day. 

If you aren’t satisfied by the warmth of your natural skin complexion, add a bronzer to your beauty routine! The Kristofer Buckle Exposure Matte Warming Powder will give you a healthy color, sans sunburn- because looking sun-kissed doesn’t require skin damage! 

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