How To Recreate These 5 Iconic Movie Makeup Looks

Elizabeth Taylor is photographed on set of Cleopatra movie.

Fun fact: Halloween is one of Kristofer Buckle's favorite holidays. In honor of KB and makeup lovers everywhere, we've compiled some iconic Halloween makeup looks to give you costume inspo this season! 

Margot in The Royal Tenebaums  

Gwyneth Paltrow is photographed on set of The Royal Tenebaums movie.

The West Anderson cult-classic, The Royal Tenenbaums, is an easy last minute costume for anyone who owns a hair clip and black eyeliner.

Part your hair to the side, clip back your bangs, over-line your eyes (a LOT), throw on your favorite faux-fur coat, and there you have it-- a complete Margot Tenebaum costume.   

Cleopatra in Cleopatra 

Elizabeth Taylor is photographed on set of the Cleopatra movie

Beauty icon, Elizabeth Taylor, is always our go-to source for makeup inspiration.

In the classic 1963 film, Cleopatra, Elizabeth's makeup is bold, dramatic & colorful, aka, a Halloween dream. By perfecting the famous Cleopatra angular winged liner, and filling your waterline with black liner, you'll create the ultimate Cleo-inspired look. 

Nina in Black Swan

Natalie Portman is photographed on set of The Black Swan

Take a walk on the dark side by channeling your inner ballerina and transforming yourself into the Black Swan

For this dramatic Halloween look, choose a bold rouge lip color, apply a heavy layer of powder and get artsy with your eyeliner.

Mia  Wallace in Pulp Fiction 

The Movie poster of Quentin Tarantino's film 'Pulp Fiction'

In honor of this summer's box office hit, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, going with a Quentin Tarantino themed costume is extremely apropos. 

Cool girl, Mia Wallace, from Pulp Fiction is known for her bold red lip and sharp brow- all you'll need is a black bob! 

Elvira in Scarface

Michelle Pfeiffer is photographed on set of movie 'Scarface'

Say hello to our little friend, Exposure Matte Warming Powder.

Although not all of us could be blessed with Michelle Pfeiffer's high cheekbones, *sigh* we can still fake it. KB's warming powder is the perfect product to apply under your cheek bones for a stunning Elvira- inspired dimensional look. 


Photo Credits: Everett Collection @byrdie @gettyimages - Silver Screen Collection @thechurchofcharlatan @sr_saucedo @80syayo @cinematopagraphyiscool