The Best Makeup for You Based on Your Astrology Sign

Aquarius meme of Beyonce sipping from a cocktail thats says:

Looking in the mirror and not loving your makeup look? Blame it on your astrology sign... cause why not blame everything on your sign... including last weeks fender bender or sleeping through your alarm!

The extent of your horoscope knowledge may be from following @drunkstrology on instagram ~no judgement~ but it's time to change up your makeup routine... before mercury is in retrograde, of course! 

Follow our guide of makeup looks based on your sign!

A meme saying: "If your zodiac sign is asparagus dont even bother being my friend because im a caprisun and we are not compatible"


January 1 - February 12 

Predictable is just so boring and overdone! Aquarius' are outspoken and ready to change based on whatever their surroundings are. The Kristofer Buckle Premier Palette includes 9 different eyeshadow shades that couldn't even bore an Aquarius! 

Kristofer Buckle Premier Palette


February 20 - March 20 

Dream on! Pisces are constantly stuck between reality and their own fairytales which is why they're coined as daydreamers in the world of astrology. With their constant dream state, the sky's the limit!

After fantasizing about an extravagant makeup look, it's best they have the tools to recreate it on their own! The Vanity Collection allows Pisces to use a multitude of products to help them make their most outlandish makeup dreams a reality! 

Kristofer Buckle Vanity Collection


March 21 - April 20 

Our bold and firey babes! Don't keep it neutral, we know that's not your style! You're a vibrant and upbeat star, so your makeup better reflect that (with some red lips of course)! Aries are even ruled by Mars, which is the dynamic red planet named after the Roman god of war. 

Kristofer Buckle's Cashmere Slip in 'Dare' practically screams 'Aeries!' 

Kristofer Buckle Cashmere Slip


April 21 - May 21 

For the strongly opinionated, stubborn Taurus' we have just the product for you... Power Lock! You are decisive, yet practical, so when you complete your makeup routine in the morning, you know you're going to want your classic look to last into the night as well. No need to change your makeup throughout the day when you can power lock it with setting spray!

Kristofer Buckle Power Lock


May 22 - June 21

As Byrdie puts it, "Gemini's sign is represented by 'the twins'—they have a dual personality that causes them to shift moods and opinions every five seconds." You're sharp, you're quick, and you're constantly switching moods. Instead of being bored to death by one single static product, go for the duo! Kristofer Buckle's Cashmere Slip Duo comes with two different shades that will be sure to comply with your constantly changing mood. 

Kristofer Buckle Cashmere Slip Duo


June 22 - July 22

Cancers: creatures of comfort, and self-care! Instead of feeling uneasy about clogging your pores with makeup, use the Perfecting Foundation Stick so you can choose whether to apply a little in areas you need, or on your whole face to blur and smooth your skin. 


Kristofer Buckle Triplicity Foundation


July 23 - August 21 

Let's hear you roar (& sparkle)! Leo's symbol is the lion and they are ruled by the sun so they love to be in the spotlight and dazzling crowds. Let your Leo shine through with the KB Luxury Lip Gloss

Kristofer Buckle Luxury Lip Gloss


August 22 - September 23 

Everyone needs a Virgo in their lives to keep them in line with their perfectionism and hyper-awareness. Although everyone makes mistakes, it's just not in the cards for Virgos to let them go. Since there isn't an edit-undo button for eyeliner, using Risk Taker is the next best thing. 

Risk Taker is an innovative, dual-ended makeup corrector pen that sweeps away liner smudges and smears without disturbing makeup, so it allows you to create precise lines and edges around lips and eyes.

Kristofer Buckle Risk Taker


September 24 - October 23

Libra is an air sign represented by the scales symbol. You love symmetry, balance and true harmony. Sometimes we aren't exactly blessed with perfect facial symmetry, but luckily for Libras, it's possible to create your own! Using the Kristofer Buckle Exposure Matte Warming Powder allows you to add warmth and dimension while also enhancing your complexion. 

Kristofer Buckle Warming Powder


October 24 - November 22

Scorpios: mysterious, emotional and striking! Facial emotions are often observed from the brows. Make your eyebrows dark, mysterious, emotive, and sharp to fully channel your inner zodiac sign! Brow Champion is an enhancing pomade and powder that will give you a natural to dramatic makeup finish based on your mood. 

Kristofer Buckle Brow Champion


November 23 - December 22

Although sometimes they can come off as pretentious, Sag's are curious, intellectual, and have zero tolerance for BS. Their wanderlust spirit and impulsive decisions cause them to be constantly on the go. The Twin Set Blush Duo is an easy Sag product cause it comes in a neat compact that can be thrown into any purse, just in case a journey pops up out of the blue!

Kristofer Buckle Blush Duo


December 23 - January 20

The ambitious and self-reliant capricorns can always find a solution or hack for anything. Instead of using a product that only has one use (why would a Capricorn waste their time?) they find products with endless uses! The Light Enhancing Highlighting Duo not only comes with a brush but also can be used on cheek bones, as eyeshadow, on your cupids bow, and even to enhance collar bones! 

Kristofer Buckle Light Enhancing Duo

Photo Credits: @JordanBenning @drunkastrology